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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  March 16, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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yes. what happened earlier that made the stranger's comments even worse. >> oh, my goodness, we have to be careful about the comment we make to our kids, especially they're having antrums. don't ignore them and don't punish them. four reasons toddlers need your help to avoid a melt down. >> well, democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is facing some criticism. from male political pundants because of the way she looked last night. remember it was a big day yesterday. super tuesday. >> yes. >> her problem according to the men who were talking on tv and tweeting on social media, is that she didn't look happy during her victory speech, they were saying she should smile more. >> so tweeted: hillary having big night on the primary, shouting, her supporters loving it what is she mad at? well, mad at? mad about, right? >> tweeted: hillary shouting her speech. she has the floor, more conversational tone might be
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better for connecting with folks at home. and then glenn tweeted: at hillary clinton in a nutshell calling for love and kindness by shouting. >> i was watching last night with both of my kids. they are hilarious, to us it sounded like she had a cold and trying to yell over her cold as opposed to sounding like she sounded more horse, you know how we've all been there, on tv, you know you have cold. that's what it sounded like to us at home not that she was mad. >> plus there was cheering, a lot going on. then you listen to bernie sanders, we know trump yells, so bernie sanders was yelling too. >> they all do. and account current president owe, giving lawn speech, whatever else, his dialect very different in his delivery when he is in a big crowd, and life. whole different thing. >> i will say they've never, ever said anything about a man needing to smile. you know, that's the number one. like it is okay for trump to
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look like a crazy, you know, mean kind of like his face just looks angry. i hate to use crazy, just looks angry sometimes, whereas would you never say to trump smile baby. >> i totally agree with you, double standard, not fair looking what she looks like and not listening to the message or the words there. >> and i thought her speech was different. she said look she sounded very genuine and kinds when she said bernie sanders has run heck of a campaign. and it was quieter, but still could you hear yelling overall of the people and trying it get through the voice issues. again, who knows. she might have been yelling. >> the other part of this, bernie's done, he's not done but done after yesterday. but basically now she is taking it to the next level which is the general election presumably against donald trump. and he's had such angry rhetoric on the campaign trail, since announced candidacy calling mexican rapists so she take that on, so i think somewhat she is doing meeting his anger, with the same tone here, to tackle it and address it.
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that's what i think more than anything. >> either way. still why don't you smile baby. >> right. >> let's talk about hair. young girls they develop thought about theirself esteem at early age. one stranger's comments about four year old girl and her hair has her mother very upset. >> so terry peters wrote open letter to battle. com. that was in store buying her daughter doll, when woman in line started a conversation with the two. and the woman told her daughter that the doll was pretty and she could be pretty, as well, if she had long hair. so the woman did not know the little girl just had a haircut because she didn't like long hair. in the letter terry remind people to watch what they say to young girls because children soak up everything. i got to tell you, i don't want any stranger talking to my kid in line even if i'm write there. it is not their job, especially make some sort of criticism about their appearance, critique even?
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>> funny, specially older people. at target, whatever they say oh, you're so pretty and laundry sometimes has merry hair, and they do say like oh, you know your hair would look cute near ponytail. but it is interesting, how important hair is to ourself esteem, young person, old women, you know? it is interesting. laundry had little buddy laundry kept kelling her friend, five year old to five year oh, you should grow your hair out. she couldn't. she was having difficulty with it, but finally we had to say landry, she is trying, now he shahs her hair in a ponytail, it is casino of cool. but do you have watch what you are saying to other people's kids. >> you have to think about it, or even your own kid. your hair shunting -- >> who you are. >> let's say it was cents a boy, there or let's take it step further. let's say that girl is in line with her brother. what do you say to the boy? you say nick about his appearance? >> a lot of times they do. they say cut your hair now guys, boys are growing their hair longer. >> but if the kid had normal sort of normal, whatever normal is, boy hair.
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>> yes? >> and you would typically hear the comments directed from in this case grandmother toward the daughter, never toward the boy oh, i like your sweat. >> it stinks. why can't you say hey you're kind of cool? >> right. >> you're cool kid. >> right? >> or did you well in that soccer game or whatever accomplishments. >> way to go, you can read. >> kids are probably already doing it peer to peer. >> right. >> they don't have to have adult telling you stuff too. just too much at once. >> think about what you are saying. >> yes. >> that's what makes you unique. >> see what you learn by watching this show? >> learning a lot. >> a lot about parent and coaches, too. they say specializing in one sport is waist best for young athlete, but one sport psychology coach is saying the kids could actually gain more from playing multiple sports, and let's take a look at the reasons. >> we've heard a little bit of this before. doctor rob, the one talking this time, he works with coaches and teams at notre dame. says specializing in one sport can only lead, we've heard this a thousand times, to a greater risk of injury.
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because you are using the same muscles over and over again. multi sports athletes, they ends up with a bet ever sports iq. right? because they can throw and catch and maybe do other skills. but burn out rate obviously less among them. then finally, multi sport athletes, this better teammates, because they're going from different players, different coaches, you know, we're transaction g in our house boy side basketball to lacrosse. it is interesting that like he had this great basketball team. well, some of the basketball guys are on the lacrosse field, but not all of them flight and he did some more defensive stuff in basketball which i think will make him better with lacrosse. you know, because he's learning differentiates of skills. >> you can apply them to different sports, for example, as we all know football is everything? >> friday night lights. >> well the philadelphia players in high school required in the in the off season you have to run track, and that helped them with speed and everything, run the 40, now do better on the field, so there is a balance,
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and actually really helps to be able to do multiple sports. >> i don't know. i have to tell you there is such a lure of big money if you are a promising athlete, you know who the promising athletes are by the age of like 14. right? >> we talk to people like j. wright, men's coach at villanova, talk to people like vince papal i. >> good catch. >> all of the philadelphia teams. and -- >> and the hawk, the out. >> in college they look for the true athlete versus the skill player. because remember once you get to college to all changes up again. so if you are a true at let they might put you in a different role within that sport. if only the three pointer and they already got three pointer? >> that's true. but in a sport like golf, such a skill sport, baseball, you kind of need to hone that year around. >> we've seen them, moving them from first base to shortstop. a a little bit. >> why. >> listen i played a lot of different sports when was younger, and we see how that turned out. i have learned my height, glow if we could all be michael
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jordan. >> bo. >> he was great basketball player. >> he tried. >> he made the team. >> we will talk oj now. episode six, remember there is ten, episode six, people versus oj simpson, all about the trial evidence a lot of people waiting tore this moment to talk about the glove. nothing more important than the infamous black leather gloves. >> so in this scene she tried to talk chris out of having oj try them on in court. >> we're going to get his conviction today, we have the gloves, the blood, fibers, all of it, we have a receipt that proved he owned them. we're done. we've been delta king and a ten, i don't know why you want to ask the dealer for another card. >> because i know it is an ace. >> no you don't. >> you turn offer a control after demonstration to the opponent, you don't know what's going to happen. >> oh. >> oh, man, and that changed
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the whole scope of that trial. >> it did. >> oj fought to get that glove on in front of everyone. see it, doesn't fit, doesn't fit. >> in real live, it is about the knife, isn't it? >> well, no. look, the glove was a big deal in the trial. you know, my memory of this, because it is funny, you know, all of the reporters were on the ninth floor of the criminal courthouse. and we were all kind of packed together in a room. and everybody's doing live shots and we're watching the monitors and doing our live shots. and when that happened, there was weirds silence in the press room. dan and rams at the time was almost fresh out of law school working at court tv. but really smart guy, really obviously smart guy. dan walked over to me and he said can i ask you something? he said i think i missed something.
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because i just watched this thing and in my head this is the most stupid single they have of ' seen in my life. i just have to have missed something. >> i looked at him and i said i actually think you got it, that it is the most stupid thing ouch ever seen in your life. it was insane to give o.j. simpson the power, a guy who was actor, by the way, acted in movies, to give him the power, especially with latex on his hands, where it is harder to put a glove on, that what do you think he is going to do, slide the glove on? so it was just -- just ridiculous that chris would roll the dice, but john did i goat him into it. johnny goat dollars him into it. >> johnnie cochran there in closing said to the jurors, if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. most famous line i think i've ever heard in a courtroom.
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>> showed the moment last night in episode 66. here it is. >> these gloves are too small. >> man. >> they're too small. >> that changed everything. >> well, look. i mean, did it really change? >> i think so. >> i don't know if it changed everything. the bigger thing that changed everything mark fuhrman using the in the worlds. it shouldn't mattered but married to the jury which was suspicious. you know, but in a case harvey based so much on this new dna evidence at the time, this was physical evidence. right? we didn't have that so-called
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knife. and you had so much other evidence. but this was -- >> i thought the smoking gun that the defense had in this case? >> it wasn't. i mean, when you heard marcia clark talking the bar, she said this in closing argument, and it is true, when you have got -- when you have got o. j. simpson's blood on the gate, where the murderer, where you have nicole and ron's blood in the bronco, when you have got ron's blood in o.j.'s house, and you have got a trail from the bodies to his bathroom at rocking ham, honest to god, what more do you need? i mean, what more do you need? this jury under, i think, under any circumstances, after they heard mark if your may use the "n" word, they were going to acquit o.j. simpson, remember it took them two hours in a nine month trial to say not guilty. >> this jury was offer the rales. >> but my point is i just
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think that that glove gave them the excuse to come up with the verdict they did. >> yes. but, you know, the end of the trial was fuhrman. and i think that's what they are get to go now. because really is true. the "n" word thing was incendiary in the courtroom. fuhrman lied. and the prosecution could just never recover from that. >> this goes cents to show, people have strong opinions about how they feel the trial went. but, let's talk about the knife. i'm starting to think it is all just kind of they did this because the show is back up, everybody is talking about o.j. simpson now. the timing here, seriously? >> ya. you're talking about we broke a store a week ago, that a construction worker found a knife burried, and gave it to off duty cop doing a movie traffic control job across the street, and he put it in his
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tool box for 12 years. we found out that they have tried testing the knife, and because of the soil basically ruins any dn a and degrades it, they couldn't come up with any match. so that's going to be a dead ends. >> sounds like it. >> okay. well, thank you so much. harvey. we'll see you later today for "tmz" live. >> good talking to you. >> what a case. i mean, still going over, and it is seared moo my mind, i know it happened little more than 20 years ago now. >> still very strong opinions. 9:14. let's talk about beyonce. because fat women are bringing beyonce lyrics to life with their rendition of formation, which is her new single that came out. here it is. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> produced by khloe, two sisters from washington, d.c., members of tap group called syndicated, sisters say they were moved by beyonce's song want all women to aoun night and come tonight, beyonce shared this herself on social media now viewed 2 million times. >> this is song she plays at the half time show? >> yes, it is. >> i like it, i think it is cool that like, you know, tap obviously one of the original art forms when it comes to dance, is being with little hip hop r&b. kind of cool. >> did you ever try to tap? >> every time whether i am sitting outside lan doctor's tap lesson. >> is it hard? >> i can't do it. >> looks hard. >> i did tap when i was little, i did ballet, tap and jazz, when i was like, you know? >> those are the important foundations of dance, yes. >> did can you try it on air here? or was that bob kelly? no, it was bob. >> let's talk about some
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relationships. >> would you consider your best friends? >> best friend? >> when you guys were dating was she like a best friend? >> i would say no. here is the thing. i need a guy best friends. >> okay? >> because guys and gals are so different. guys and dolls. >> yes? >> you can have five best friends, your husband as your best friend. >> in many ways he is my best friends. >> in many ways. >> i think in the beginning he was cents my best friends. >> really? >> yes. >> i mean -- >> if you had something like a girl thing to discuss, would you talk with steven or your or your best girl buddy? >> at the beginning of our relationship i would have talked to him as well as someone else. >> right? >> now? >> so would you want to marry your best friends? >> a new show on tlc asked long time friends to tie the knot not after they couldn't find a perfect pat nerve. >> amanda and christian have
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been best friends since 14, and have never even kissed. >> i have a handful of serious relationships, none of them were the same compared to what amanda and i have. >> so, what if we get married. highlight some of the struggles the couples face for amanda and christian they hit early bump in the road on their wedding night when amanda, needed a lesson when it comes to the boom boom time. >> she didn't want her new husband to undress her? >> because it is her best friend. i have a guy like that. >> yes, i get it. >> i have a guy best friend. gary. we call him goaty. there is no way i'm going to undress in front of goaty. >> but you're married. >> even before. gary, they used to call us the three muskateers, steve goaty and me. he was going to be on my side of the bids maids situation, didn't happen, but no way i would marry goaty. that guy is casino of cute. and i have other friends best friends that are cute which --
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>> wait a minute. so since i am the single person at the table here, i know some friends and some people who say, hey, i'm dating right now, you're my best friend, but hey, in ten years, if we don't find anybody else, let's do it. >> i think, ya. if you already have that foundation, we know we get along, know we are area good friends, know we want to get married. >> go on trips together. >> exactly, maybe it would work. >> what do we say, alex, they're basically your roommate after a while. your wife is your roommate. because my husband is the roommate. so if you have a best guy friends that you can travel with, you like the same kind of thinks he is a good roommate. >> judge are you shaking your head? they say the good foundation if you are friends first then you take it to something more, you got to have the friends foundation. >> totally dis agree. >> why? >> it has to be physical hot and heavy at the start, right? this is guy's perspective, for guys we're visual. we want it to be typically, you know, kissing, physical, right, first, and then, all right, we're compatible, too,
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that's good. we like -- we have the same interest. and then let's talk about it is upside down for women in the same relationship i think. >> but if you care for that person doesn't it switch things up then? because forget, i see how -- >> go on. >> just walking down the street you see a woman you're hotty want you. but if this person is already in your life, already great miami ritz, spends time, wouldn't that kind of in your mind, get kind of hot to me. >> you know when the braces gross up she gross up, not 14 year old, she is 24 year old. >> not talking about celine dion and rene. >> twenty-six year age difference. >> i get excited sometimes to hang out with my friend, like you're going out hey i'm going out with so-and-so. you can get excite in the that way to go hang out with your guy best friend, that can turn out to be hey i'm excited, i'm going to go face this guy now. >> are you trying to mel me, we women are like there is i say all the time girl don't let them sneak up on you. around long enough, they stay there, eventually you're going to start to, okay, maybe not
9:20 am
so bad. you mean with guys that can never happen. did i on the think were you hot at first but now we spent all of this time together i think you're starting to be hot,. >> if the guy is board. >> if he's bored? >> you're agreeing with this, mike? >> mike, get in here. >> no. >> only other guy in the room. bob kelly not here, out on live shot. guys don't think that way. guys have to be attracted first, have to have the chemistry first. >> special kind of guy. >> way in on twitter. >> you like your athletics. >> and -- >> please be weighing in, fellows. i like more than this. alex holley fox 29, facebook, let knee know you what think, do you agree? is he speaking the truth here? >> i'm not trying -- i'm just telling you most guys think that way first. >> we will move on. 9:20. first lady teams one famous sing tears empower young women. the new anthem you can
9:21 am
download right now. first lady singing? >> i hope so. >> i want to hear vocals. >> if he says they're friends then it's over.
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♪ okay, now weighing in on twitter. big brother tray says eggs' speaking the truth, physical first and everything else follows, sorry to break it to you, alex. then my dominican says physical attraction, guys rarely escape the friend zone, sorry. >> this other guy says i agree with chris, wouldn't minds having a best friend for my wife. >> horrible, those guys, the way we are. >> this is it, another says we men don't even know if we like you after we discover a physical attraction. >> i hope not. that's terrible. >> it is. it is a terrible reality. >> all right. >> thanks for letting me know, guys. >> stay single. >> yes, i'm cool with being
9:25 am
single, trust me. >> michelle obama getting into the music business, she is teaming one some of the at this' best for new song. >> here we go. >> ♪ >> so, this is for the girls, that's the name of the song, song that the lady first lady developed with missy elliot, kelly rowland, kelly clarkson, mrs. obama said she was inspire by her learn initiative, to aim help girls around the world stay in school, should be available on itunes, all proceeds will go to the peace corpse, let girls learn. >> very cool. >> i love it, anthem for girls. >> and it is a good song, sort of like i remember when they started doing like gospel music but it was really good and popular, like let's listen to there is let's go. >> really up lifting? >> and gets you moving. she has her lets move campaign, listen to a lot of beyonce songs, another song to add to the play list, i love it. >> i love missy elliot.
9:26 am
>> she has skills. >> we love quincy harris, do we not? >> making rita's water ice. >> ♪ >> yes, i'm towel lipoma willing, i'm doing this thing called pump smooth out the water ice, coming up next making jillatti's. >> and miistos. >> super excited.
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so, what is your favorite water ice flavor. >> chocolate. >> chocolate. >> i was a real rita's fan because i say chocolate covered stray bring and that was a limited a addition. >> i love cherry. >> yes. >> quincy is spending so much time at rita's water ice place
9:30 am
maybe he should come up with a new flavor, a good day flavor. >> quincy, good morning. >> yeah, i will make a good day flavor. good morning, i will make a good day flavor, chris. it will have a lot of stuff in it, just know that. we will do a good day flavor water ice or a gelati, what is gelati consist of. >> gelati has a layer of custard on the bottom, and then a layer of water ice and top it off with more custard. >> so, we will use this cup right here. >> we can. >> okay. >> so this is vanilla. >> now, how much. >> just cover the bottom, that is enough. >> let me take that out of there real quick. >> fill it with water ice. >> okay. i will put a little, what had is that. >> that is or range good what
9:31 am
is this flavor. >> all natural strawberry. >> that looks a little good good what is that right here. >> that is root beer. >> just smooth it off to the top. let me add one more flavor. >> blue raspberry. >> and earlier we made a little pine apple, right. >> let's see. this is special, guys, don't think you will come to rita and thank you, don't think you will come here let me get the quincy, no, that will not happen. >> okay, buy. >> now, more custard goes on top of it right here. all right. >> you are definitely in the getting the quincy here. >> hold this for me here. people always love to come
9:32 am
here and get a misto as well. >> yes, they do. >> how do we make a misto. >> it is part syrup, part water ice and then milk up. more custard to the red line. >> red line, right here. >> it is liquid custard. >> right there. >> that is great. >> boom. >> now fill it with water ice, whatever flavor you want. >> lets do the quincy special one more time. little raspberry. >> okay, that is enough. >> now put the cap on. >> i heard of netflix and chill but right here, we have what is this machine called. >> the mix and chill. >> we put this in. >> same conn september.
9:33 am
>> then you just mix it for 15 or 202nd. >> you have a a straw and we are set. >> to we have a straw. >> now i will ask you guys out there, do you think i could work at rita's, look at the specials i have made, would you want to have some of this. >> no. >> when you came to rita's. >> no, and i don't want my kid one of those because it would end up on their arms, sleeve and my couch. >> no means no, quincy. >> look at the this. >> no, no, i think jen, alex. >> no. >> chris, this is for you. >> denied, blocked. >> he will drink that. >> um, um. >> he is enjoying it. >> ron, this is great.
9:34 am
>> glad you enjoyed it. >> i'm so over quincy. >> it is supposed to be warmer today, maybe i will get rita's. >> yes. >> you have to have that hat. >> yes. >> they call it dave kinchen hat because he wears that hat. >> yes. >> indiana jones is coming back to the big screen. >> disney announced legendary feddero wearing archaeologist will return with the fifth feature film. the film will reunite harrison ford with director steven speilberg. ford has played professor jones since 1981 raiders on have the the lost arc. new installment does not have a title yet the but it hits theaters july 19th, 2019. harrison i believe is what 73 now. >> is he that old. >> yeah. >> all right. >> and using higher math, he would be like 76 years old. >> of course, you have to go to social media twitter has
9:35 am
been coming up with titles. liars never win, indiana jones and afternoon nap, hash tan new indiana jones movie titles. indiana a jones and search for prune juice. raiders of the social security trust fund. >> so mean. >> i know. >> i think it will be good. >> it is funny. >> have love those hash tags. >> so tomorrow is st. patrick's day and typically on thursday, breakfast with bob but today we will do breakfast with bob and tomorrow is st. patrick's day and you will be doing something else tomorrow. >> good morning, i'm coming like from garnett valley where we are getting ready for the morton monster. lets see if somebody can finish this off what do you think, gang, if he eats it, he gets to eat for free, a t-shirt and wall of fame, can he do it. >> yeah. >> we will find out when we come back. your daughter wants to stay organic.
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♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪ it is a special addition of breakfast with bob. >> it is a wednesday a addition of breakfast with bob, yes. >> all right. bob. you are in garnett valley. >> yes. >> garnett valley, we are here the at a spot called the coffee station and good morning, garnett valley. >> good morning, the place is packed and i have got this guy, i had to come here for a couple reasons. first of all here's bash one of the owners explain the morton monster. >> signature sandwich, scrambled eggs, cheese, bacon sausage on grilled texas toast. the that is a regular sandwich. davis doing the challenge.
9:40 am
the it is morton monster challenge. >> if he finishes this. >> he gets a t-shirt, he gets the meal, for free, and he gets his picture up on the wall. >> bragging rights. >> bragging rights. >> yes. >> how are we doing, feeling good good cheer him on, gang. >> i know he can do it. >> this place is packed, this morning, we have got a birthday girl. is what your name. >> bridget warren. >> how old are you. >> nine. >> let's have have a hand for bridget, nine years old. take a look up top at all of the coffee mugs. you thought i had a a lot of coffee mugs at the my desk john here the owner is what the deal with the coffee mugs. >> if you donate a mug up top we put it up top and every customer gets a drink from the different mug every time you come in. >> how about some fox 29 mugs for you. >> cool. >> come on, we want to be the mug wall of fame, all right. so look at everything you have line up. we already heard about this one right here. >> it is the challenge.
9:41 am
we have got eggs bendik right here. >> we have got black berry, waffle right here. >> look at the size on have that. >> we have john's big breakfast name after me obviously. we have barb's stuffed cream cheese french toast name after barb because it is her favorite. back here we have frozen lattes that we are now serving. this is i mango, froze than smoothie, thinks strawberry frozen smoothie and carmel chunky banana, with carmel. >> now you have two locations, i'm's here in garnett valley location. >> yes. >> you have another one. >> in morton, pennsylvania also delaware county what are your hours. >> 7:00 to 3:00 every day, sunday breakfast only. >> just breakfast lunch, sundays just breakfast only. >> what a cool spot. >> seven to 3:00. >> let's check on this fellow here, how is he doing over here. how are you feeling. >> halfway. >> halfway. >> you have 30 seconds. >> should we give him a
9:42 am
t-shirt anyhow, gang. the coffee station, thanks so much for inviting us out. if you'd like me to come tour favorite spot just hit me up on facebook and twitter and who knows next week i can be knocking the at your front door, chris and alex, back to you in the studio. >> thank you bob kellyeo. >> he is getting ready for tomorrow. >> let's talk temper tantrums. >> yes. >> should you ignore them or punish your kids. we will debate ways to handle those outbursts, that is next.
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toddlers and tantrums, i'm already getting tweet about this. what do you do, do you ignore your children or punish them? parenting author sarah a smith says you do not do either. she's listing four reasons why you should not ignore or punish your toddler when it comes to tantrums. before we get to the reasons lets bring in our parenting panel. we have quincy harris, father of two sons, kobe and jordan, two to four. we have torey williams, mom to 18 month-old noah. we will start with number one, guys. toddlers, can't help having etan trum, for one reasons their brains are not like adults. toddlers are not being naughty or manipulative they are struggling with their feelings and they cannot communicate it. how do you respond.
9:46 am
we will start with quincy. >> yeah, they can stop it, okay, alex, they can stop it. if you bribe them and say hey do you want some ice cream or cookie they will say, magically they will stop. so that is not right. it is. >> i think they can stop it, and i have to say this i agree with q because if you motivate them to stop, they can stop. >> let's do number two. toddlers can calm themselves down alone, they have in way to stop until they are exhausted. they an in the regulate their emotions so they need them. sitting them in time out and making them exhaust themselves is not the a good idea, chris murphy, what do you say. >> i hatted time out as a kid and i was in it a lot and it works because i wanted to be so social. why do you think do i this kind of work. time outs are a great the way. i wish a as a parent i was strong enough to do that more often, then getting so
9:47 am
frustrated. >> torey, it is young for time out but what do you think about this for the future. >> time out probably will work, right the now it does not work. i sit noah down, he stand backup and he smiles. he stand backup and he smiles. please, can you stop driving mommy crazy. >> how oldies noah. >> eighteen months. >> number three toddlers feel just as bad as us when they have tantrums they don't energy having one they feel just as a shame, embarrassed, angry and helpless and out of control as you do. it is harder to be the toddler having the tantrum then the parent dealing witt, quincy, i know you have something to say to this one. >> it is wrong. they don't feel bad. who wrote this. listen, my kids, love to get on my nerves. they love to do this. they poke at me. they don't feel bad. it feels opposite of being bad which is good. they feel great. they get on daddy a's nerves
9:48 am
and make daddy lose his control all the time. >> preach, brother, preach, that is so true. noah does not feel embarrassed or a shame he loves driving me nuts. i said mom wishes she can role and stump his feet. he smiles, he laughs. he laughs at the my husband. he laughs. >> you guys haven't gotten to the page where right after all that happens, i'm so bad, i'm the worst kid in the world. i'm so bad. >> quincy and torey, you guys have young kid. jen and i have kids that are older. they do feel bad about the behavior new good do you feel bad when they start to feel bad. >> please remember this next time you are acting a fool in target in the underwear department. >> that is right. >> right now my little one just does not the care. >> number four toddlers they often have etan trum because they feel a disconnect with us. one of the top reasons is when
9:49 am
your child feels a lack of connection with you. common causes maybe a new sibling or starting out the a new school or maybe you going back to work. the office says it is lack of connection that leaves your child feeling vulnerable, confused and scared and don't cause more disconnect by ignoring them. helping them understand thaw love them just as much as before. >> who wrote this. >> that is bologne right there. look, they are having dinner, they are playing outside. they don't necessity the difference. they are toddlers. >> correct, i agree with jen 100 percent. >> quincy? >> yeah, it is complete malarky, they have a disconnect from what they want. they feel a disconnect from what they want. if you say hey, you have to go to bed now. they say no, i don't want to go to bed. they don't feel like they are against mom and dad. >> you have two boys kobe and jordan and jordan is older one, did you have a conversation with jordan, okay
9:50 am
you are getting a a little brother and we still love you. the a attention is off of him now. >> no, jordan loved it. you know why? everything is a fall guy. he is the fall guy. everything is kobe's fault. what happened, what happened, who did that. kobe dit because kobe wanted to do it. why are you out of bed? kobe came in my room. he loves it. he loves it. i saw him yesterday, saying, if you don't do this i will give you you a spanking. first of all in our house hold we don't spank. i wouldn't say if we do that on tv anyway. you are telling your brother you will spank him. this is bad. >> that was only child, what is his excuse, what is his excuse, he is a spoiled brat, i love him to death, give him everything he wants. why is he acting up. why is he driving us nuts. >> one of the biggest best pieces of advice i around 18 months to four month-old, sort of like this that kid do have
9:51 am
a disconnect but in the like i want my mommy but more i want to make a choice, right. >> i agree. >> someone said instead of put on your shorts or pant you want red shorts or green shorts. you don't say do you want veggies you say car on the and broccoli. i'm making my own way here. >> right, exactly. >> i agree with that jen. >> thanks very much. enjoyed this. anytime you talk with the parents here at fox 29 i get so excited to have kids. >> just real quickly, i marched next to quincy in the st. patrick's day parade last sunday and kobe and jordan were tackling each other in the stroller. it was awesome. >> sue was laughing. >> i have this amazing picture of kobe a and jordan on my instagram. i told them anytime i will baby fit, for a fee. >> 9:51. >> taylor with the and calvin harris are sharing their vacation spot. we will show you their
9:52 am
moments. they are so in love.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
they are still going strong, taylor swift and calvin harris were going on a vacation. >> i love it. >> you know what a vacation is. >> yes. >> a day trip. >> bae vacation. >> you go to a bay, like you go to like biscayne bay. >> no, like your bae, and you go on a trip, bae vacation. >> okay. >> so, this video is evidently hilarious because it says it in the teleprompter but i don't know fit is, it is of swift jumping off this big floating thing. it didn't go as planned. lets take a look.
9:56 am
>> watch. are you watching. >> yes. it hurt a a lot. >> is that hilarious. >> ts is taylor swift and adam harris. >> she looks great. >> i will be a member of her squad. >> what is her name. >> calvin harris. >> okay. >> i could do that. >> and he hasn't done anything wrong. they are like the golden couple. >> in 20 years they will show video of their, celebrating. they are going strong. another couple going strong.
9:57 am
>> i love your pointy finker rob kardashian and black china rob shared a make up free selfie. >> there is a filter on that. >> or lighting. >> people magazine says rob wants to get a spin off reality show and he says, he has been losing weight since ha. interesting to go see, his work out the routine and stuff. >> i love the idea of these two together. >> but here's the issue. >> she doesn't want him to film, because obviously kylie jenner. >> so they have had meetings that a show would happen, it probably will because everybody is talking about it. >> there will, ryan seacrest produce it, and -- >> does ryan seeecrest want money. >> but will he allow that. if he doesn't want to be with him. >> when do you these reality shows you have to have drama. >> yes. >> that is what they say. >> this is why i love mike jerrick which is for lent he gave up saying the name kardashian. >> you can say it. >> i just did and brilliance on mike's part. >> lighting, looks good, beautiful. >> exactly.
9:58 am
>> thank you so much, guys. >> enjoy today. it will be beautiful out there. spring is coming up. discover new magnum double raspberry. made with the perfect balance of raspberry ice cream, luscious raspberry sauce, and belgian chocolate. discover magnum chocolate pleasure.
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